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We believe you capable enough to undertake this work


We believed you enough competent can hold the post of this work


We believe that you're able to undertake this work


We are confident that you are sufficient and competent to act in this capacity


We believed you enough competent can hold the post of this work
a我一直在等你,你能回头吗 I am always waiting for you, you to be able to turn head [translate] 
aLET'S EAT GRAPRS 我们吃GRAPRS [translate] 
awhen u want to try doing it? u何时想要设法做它? [translate] 
ahow i can learn english well 怎么我可以很好学会英语 [translate] 
alook at the questions in the warming up 看问题在使兴奋 [translate] 
aObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 ObjectTemplate.saveInSeparateFile 1 [translate] 
a船舵 Ship's rudder [translate] 
aSome things happened it is impossible to forget, even if only temporarily forget can not remember. 有些事发生了它无法忘记,即使临时地只忘记不能记住。 [translate] 
aThose have most power to hurt us,that we love. 那些有多数力量伤害我们,我们爱的那。 [translate] 
aGod loves me as what I were 上帝爱我,什么我是 [translate] 
a可以说是个偷梦想的人 May say is human who steals the dream [translate] 
a然后由人工把切割好的钢衬手动穿到型材里面 Then from the steel liner which cuts manual puts on artificially to the molding inside [translate] 
awake me up when September end Summer has come and passed The innocent can never last 醒来我,当9月结尾夏天来了时,并且通过清白的人不能持续 [translate] 
a你的货已经到港3天了,请把水单发给我 Your goods already arrived port 3 day, please issue the bill of lading I [translate] 
a相信在适当的生活,在家长和学校的共同努力之下,学生会学得更好。 The trust in the suitable life, in the guardian and under the school joint effort, the student association studies well. [translate] 
ajack几乎没有机会向老师解释他的缺席 jack does not have the opportunity to explain his absence nearly to teacher [translate] 
aSoulecho Soulecho [translate] 
aeinruhren 搅动 [translate] 
anet-pal 网好朋友 [translate] 
asistser sistser [translate] 
a用数码相机拍照 Photographs with the digital camera [translate] 
aThe poor little girl earned her living by selling the matches 可怜的小女孩通过卖比赛赢得了她的生活 [translate] 
asix eight nine one seven eight three too 六八九一七八三也是 [translate] 
amay o Joke!Not afraid 可以o笑话! 不害怕 [translate] 
a我妈妈每天6点起床,做饭6.30叫醒我洗脸刷牙吃早饭,我7点去上学.我妈妈在早上8点开始工作,晚饭后辅导我作业,并去睡觉 The my mother daily 6 points get out of bed, prepare food 6.30 to awaken me to wash the face clean the teeth have the breakfast, my 7 go to school. My mother 8 o'clock starts in the early morning to work, after the dinner counsels my work, and sleeps [translate] 
a脱离你们的世界 Is separated from your world [translate] 
a杰克是我的好朋友 Jake is my good friend [translate] 
ait is not rude to say hi when meeting someone such as a friend of your parents 当遇见某人例如您的父母的朋友时,它不是粗鲁的认为高 [translate] 
a产业承接是推动其经济发展的重要手段 The industrial contract is impels its economical development the important method [translate] 
a这本书上的游戏 In this book game [translate] 
a我叫姜桂好 My name am Jiang Guihao [translate] 
a同时他过去经常乱扔垃圾,但现在他很爱护环境。 Simultaneously he passes throws trash frequently, but he very much cherishes the environment now. [translate] 
aHow does he pay his way through college 怎么他通过支付他的方式 [translate] 
a私人轿车月增量占私人机动车月增量的45.42% The personal passenger vehicle month increase accounts for the personal vehicle month increase 45.42% [translate] 
a这是一个垃圾 This is a trash [translate] 
aafter an experience like Yarer".outsiders may consider Americans to be changeable . 在经验以后象更快的" .outsiders可以认为美国人多变的。 [translate] 
a为你戒掉手中香烟 Abstains for you switches hands the cigarette [translate] 
aWhat chores do you have to do at home? 您必须在家做什么差事? [translate] 
aWhite Reveal Moisturizing UV Protection SPF50 PA 白色显露润湿的紫外保护SPF50 PA [translate] 
a有时候我喜欢单独 Sometimes I like alone [translate] 
aall picture 所有图片 [translate] 
a祝您一路平安 Wishes you bon voyage [translate] 
aI Could Be The One ( LP Versio 我可能是那个(LP Versio [translate] 
acurrent job 当前工作 [translate] 
a摘草莓 Picks the strawberry [translate] 
apair of trainers 对教练员 [translate] 
a我们能永远团聚 We can forever reunite [translate] 
athe rear panel of DSP series DSP系列后面板 [translate] 
aA pair of shoes is for Lily 一双鞋是为百合 [translate] 
a练习写字,摘抄美文或者英语课文 The practice writes, excerpt belle-lettre or English text [translate] 
aBefore you jump in a boat to go fishing,it is a good idea to learn something about fishing.many shops can provide the things to get started.every place of the country is different,so fishing tools may different.But one thing that is needed in all place of the country;Parents or adults who will take the time and have t 在您在小船跳去钓鱼之前,它是一个好想法学会某事关于fishing.many商店可能提供事开始国家的.every地方是不同的,因此渔工具可以不同。但在国家的所有地方必要的一件事; 将花费时间并且有耐心教孩子钓鱼的父母或成人。 [translate] 
aGet quick references at your finger tips 得到即时参考在您的手指技巧 [translate] 
a亲爱的陈曦老师、学生没什么可回报的、只有用你教的外语来回报一下、感谢你有耐心教了我三年、但自己就是不会珍惜时光、辜负了你、祝老师一生幸福 学生习淮源 But dear Mr./Mrs. Chen Xi, student any has not been possible to repay, only then the foreign language which teaches with you repays, thanks you to have teaches me patiently three years, own has not been able to treasure the time, to disappoint you, wished teacher the life to be happy The student pra [translate] 
ahave you ever wanted to trael around the world 有您想要trael在世界范围内 [translate] 
a请给我们唱首歌好吗? Please sing the first song to us? [translate] 
a我们相信你足够的能干能担任这项工作 We believed you enough competent can hold the post of this work [translate]