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aand then issues the run command. 然后发出奔跑指令。 [translate] 
afirst we will nees to harvest plenty of strawberries for those cupcakes.please task a smurf with growing strawberries 首先我们收获大量的意志nees草莓为那些cupcakes.please任务一smurf用增长的草莓 [translate] 
avilka får sänkt moms 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aeven simple 均匀简单 [translate] 
a通过网络提高学习效率 Through network enhancement study efficiency [translate] 
a一周的学习之后 After a week-long study [translate] 
aSome feel for the important of machining may be gained from the observation that in 1983 there were about 2 million metal-cutting machine tools in the Unite States and that labor and overhead costs amounted to $125 billion,or 3% of the GNP 1983年某一感受为那里是大约2百万个金属切口机床在团结状态,并且劳方和间接费用共计到$125十亿的重要用机器制造也许从观察,或者3% GNP被获取 [translate] 
ain fact i guess you yourself don't know how treat me ,either. in fact i guess you yourself don't know how treat me, either. [translate] 
a我所在的学校,位于合阳县,是一所重点中学。 I am at the school, is located Heyang County, is a key middle school. [translate] 
ato bring in an object in for show and tell. that begins with the letter a 带来对象为展示和知道。 那从信件a开始 [translate] 
a玻璃樽 Glass back [translate] 
a喷射器 Ejector [translate] 
a努力不停地为光大客户提供优质的产品、专业的服务。 Does not stop diligently provides the high quality product, the specialized service for the brilliant customer. [translate] 
aYes, Sara, I also understand that without your help it will be difficult for me to enjoy the exceptional events that are about to happen to me. I am therefore asking for your quick help since I urgently need your help. 是, Sara,我也了解那,不用的您的帮助享受例外事件将发生在我身上我将是难的。 因为我迫切需要您的帮助,因此我请求您快的帮忙。 [translate] 
a百分之20 20% [translate] 
a软化手霜 Conditioning frost [translate] 
amy dance is for you 我的舞蹈是为您 [translate] 
a我建议你去附近的地方 I suggested you go to nearby place [translate] 
a你没有智商? You do not have the intelligence quotient? [translate] 
a其他健康食品 Other healthy foods [translate] 
a步伐一直在前进,心却一直在原地等候。从未离开。 The step is going forward continuously, the heart continuously in-situ waits for actually.Never leaves. [translate] 
aDevil丶Club 恶魔丶俱乐部 [translate] 
aactive only while action button in held down 激活,只有当行动按钮时在持续 [translate] 
aYou are thinking or trying to avoid 您是认为或设法避免 [translate] 
a我相信它会永远存在 I believed it can forever exist [translate] 
athe nursing process is a method for organizing nursing actions 护理过程是一个方法为组织护理行动 [translate] 
aall picture 所有图片 [translate] 
a她的声音非常优美,我们都被吸引住了。 Her sound is extremely exquisite, we are attracted all. [translate] 
aWe have to keep it on the love 我们必须保留它在爱 [translate] 
a太早认定你是我今生唯一的爱恋、你喜欢的却恰恰不是我能给予或我想给予的、我们是只有你或只有我不是你和我 Recognized too early you are I this life only are in love withfeel deeply attached to, you like exactly are not actually I can give or me want to give, us are only then you or only then I are not you and I [translate] 
a爱东哥 爱生活° East the love the elder brother likes living ° [translate] 
a我校举行了运动会,我们班成绩最好。且他们破了校记录,我们和老师都感到自豪 My school has held the games, our class result is best.Also they have broken the school record, we and teachers all feel proud [translate] 
a他们有一些红色的球 They have some red balls [translate] 
apass receiver 通过接收器 [translate] 
a深入研究了计算机网络安全防范措施 Has thoroughly studied the computer network safe guard measure [translate] 
amumbers mumbers [translate] 
aindividual orders over $10,000. 个人命令关于$10,000。 [translate] 
a甲乙双方经友好协商,甲方委托乙方对甲方选送的相关人员进行 培训,并制定以下协议共同遵守: Armor second grade both sides after the friendly consultation, the party of the first part entrust the second party the related personnel who sends to the party of the first part to carry on Training, and formulates following agreement to observe together: [translate] 
a产业承接是推动其经济发展的重要手段 The industrial contract is impels its economical development the important method [translate] 
ait sounds brilliant! 它听起来精采! [translate] 
aYou'll have me suicidal, suicidal 您将有我自杀,自杀 [translate] 
a我校某位同学在比赛中受伤但坚持比赛 But my school some schoolmate is injured the insistence competition in the competition [translate] 
aThe World AIDS Day 世界爱滋病天 [translate] 
a她是一位非常好的老师,我们都很喜欢她。 She is an extremely good teacher, we all very much like her. [translate] 
a我发现如果你用中文表达我也会用中文的模式思考你的话,所以请说英语 I discovered if you use Chinese to express me also to be able to use Chinese the pattern to ponder your, therefore please speak English [translate] 
aTravis County Travis县 [translate] 
a这必然为人们旅游,休闲提供快速通道 This travels inevitably for the people, the leisure provides the fast channel [translate] 
ahere is my ticket 这我的票 [translate] 
achristianmagniahn christianmagniahn [translate] 
a难道你就没有对我动过心吗 Haven't you moved to me [translate] 
a他妈妈已经生他的气好几天了,因为他没有处理好他的学习和玩的问题。 His mother already lived his gas several days, because he has not dealt with the issue which his study and played. [translate] 
a所以我们每个人都应该像树一样成长,即使我们现在都不是,但是只要你有树的种子,即使被人踩到泥土中间,你依然能够吸收泥土的养分,自己成长起来。当你长成参天大树以后,遥远的地方,人们就能看到你。走近你,你能给人们一片绿色。 Therefore our each people all should set up the same growth likely, even if we now are all not, but so long as you have tree's seed, even if is stepped on by the human to the soil among, you still can absorb the soil the nutrient, own grow.When you grow into after the towering big tree, remote place [translate] 
a王进 Wang Jin [translate] 
a防范措施 Guard measure [translate] 
a狗日我 Dog date I [translate]