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a我的好爸爸 My good daddy [translate] 
a我们想健康的工作五十年 We think health the work 50 years [translate] 
aOnly then the rich others pig only then is fat therefore the pig in the past was wealthy person's symbol 因此然后只有富有其他猪只然后是肥胖的猪从前是有钱人的标志 [translate] 
aYes, I am lucky i have the chance to do this. 是,我幸运我有机会做此。 [translate] 
ai qualified this job 我合格了这个工作 [translate] 
a语文,数学,英语,科学等等,每天有数不完的作业要做 The language, mathematics, English, science and so on, cannot know how things stand every day the works need to do [translate] 
a还看到的则是一个团结的,凝聚力极强的,充满爱心的民族。 Also saw is a unity, cohesive force greatly strengthened, fill compassion nationality. [translate] 
aYao Ming is the Chinese 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aWant to fall in love Wolf 想要坠入爱河狼 [translate] 
asubway,railway,highway,way way to die. subway, railway, highway, way way to die. [translate] 
a他的亲戚病了。 His relative got sick. [translate] 
a它还可以跟季节而调整颜色 It also may adjust the color with the season [translate] 
a1# circulating pump operation 1#循环泵操作 [translate] 
aBut clearly there was more than lack of language here . 但清楚地比缺乏这里有更多语言。 [translate] 
a你晚上睡得好吗 You evening rest [translate] 
a学生们到达山顶有困难 The students arrive the summit to have the difficulty [translate] 
aGross weight(kgs 描述物品 [translate] 
a光细菌在渔业水域污染物急性毒性快速监测中的应用 Light bacterium in fishery waters pollutant acute toxicity fast monitor application [translate] 
a但也存在制约着我国碳金融的发展的因素。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a尊居两区交汇中心 Reveres occupies two area connection center [translate] 
a就是想知道 Is wants to know [translate] 
aAbercromber&Fitch Abercromber&Fitch [translate] 
aa solution focused model 解答被聚焦的模型 [translate] 
a秋日思语 The fall thinks the language [translate] 
a如果可以请你永远记得我好吗?不管是现在还是未来? If may ask you forever to remember me well? No matter will be the present or the future? [translate] 
a销售方式名称 Sales way name [translate] 
a请到普西山 Welcome to Pu Xishan [translate] 
acharleenlorensen23 charleenlorensen23 [translate] 
a生存的能力,不懂英文,甚至连最基本的交流都不会,没有钱甚至连免费餐券都丢了,还受到了各种白眼,但是纳沃斯基首先想到的是生存,而不是在机场吵闹。在九个月时间里,还要忍受那个BT的机场官员迪克逊的百般刁难。如果一个人,在美国这么一个地方,没有钱,也不懂英文,经过九个月还能生存下来真是奇迹,普通人可能都变成了乞丐了。 Survival ability, does not understand English, even the most basic exchange all could not, not have the money even continually free meal ticket all to lose, but also has received each kind of supercilious look, but accepted the wass base first to think is the survival, but was not is noisy at the ai [translate] 
a乙方无需投入资金,即可享有在中国拥有一所以其校名命名的国际学校 The second party does not need to invest the fund, then enjoys in China has one therefore its school naming international school [translate] 
ai am comeing 我是comeing [translate] 
aWe are excited to offer you a special price, direct from DataViz only, on our Documents To Go Full version key. This version adds premium features such as EDITING and creating new MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files along with support for Adobe PDF files - all in one complete package. This version now includes a deskto 我们被激发提供您特价,直接从仅DataViz,在我们的文件去充分的版本钥匙。 这个版本增加优质特点例如编辑,并且创造的新的MS-Word,与支持一起擅长和PowerPoint文件为Adobe PDF文件-全部在一个完全包裹。 这个版本现在包括桌面组分为双向同步以及其他新的特点例如Google Docs支持! 难怪去的文件今天是畅销的移动式办公室随员在机器人市场上! [translate] 
aA比B少5元钱 A are less than 5 Yuan B [translate] 
adisaggregate 分开 [translate] 
a仓顶进料口(可增加或加长) The warehouse goes against the feed head (to be possible to increase or lengthen) [translate] 
a阿里巴巴诚信通 The Ali good faith passes anxiously [translate] 
ahave more of our time own 有更多我们的时间拥有 [translate] 
a很高兴接到您的询盘 Receives you to inquire the plate very happily [translate] 
aWhatever u give a woman,she will make greater.no matter better or worse 任何u授予妇女,她将做greater.no问题更好或更坏 [translate] 
a新年后来上班 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a刘涛喜欢和外国人交朋友 Liu Tao likes with the foreigner becoming friends [translate] 
a对于我来说,Khalil Fang是一个很完美的人,我也对他非常感兴趣 Regarding me, Khalil Fang is a very perfect person, I also extremely am interested to him [translate] 
a补漆 Makes up the paint [translate] 
awhy i hould angry ? 为什么i hould恼怒? [translate] 
a事情很麻烦吗? The matter is very troublesome? [translate] 
a岩浆岩 Magmatic rock [translate] 
a认筹箱 Recognizes plans the box [translate] 
aTo proceed, enter the serial number and Activation Code you receive from Customer Service in the corresponding spaces below 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aconsistency check generates error message -62 一致性校验引起错误信息-62 [translate] 
a抗 旱 Drought-resistant [translate] 
a不锈钢支架表面有锈迹。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aMiss you, like sunflower miss the sun. 小姐您,象向日葵错过星期日。 [translate] 
a前辈们! Seniors! [translate] 
a没有语言环境是学不好英文的 Does not have the language environment is cannot learn English [translate] 
arequireements of proposal 提案requireements [translate] 
a曾经我的世界里只有你但你给我的却是空白的回忆 我试着去寻找我的爱 把那份最深的思念埋藏在心里 等你再次的出现打破我平静的心 可我明白我们不再是以前的我们 远远的看着你幸福 我已经满足 可我的愿望再次被你无情的打碎 一个“滚”字把我的心摔得支离破碎 我想是该把你从我心中彻底抹掉了 我心里要填满爱我的人 永别了那份纯真的爱情!你我天涯亦为陌路 But once in my world only then you you gave me actually were the blank recollect me to try to seek my love to bury that deepest missing in the heart wait your once more appearance to break my tranquil heart to be possible I to understand we no longer were before we distant look you were happy I alre [translate] 
aOF EXQUISITE CALENDAR 精妙的日历 [translate]