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A small bird hunting


The bird has been hunted and killed
a仅管富有,他却从不把钱浪费在买衣服上 Only manages richly, he ever in does not buy actually the money waste on clothes [translate] 
a个人觉得阿迪在中国未来的市场前景还比较可观,毕竟它的样式还深受大家喜爱,但是总感觉样式还比较单一,特别是女款方面有点单调,希望可以改进。 Thought personally Ardee quite will be also considerable in the Chinese future market prospect, after all its style also deeply everybody affection, but always felt the style quite will be also unitary, the female funds aspect a little will be specially monotonous, hoped might improve. [translate] 
a调度中心系统是坑下生产信息和数据汇集的中心,同时 也是生产优化计算的中心和生产智能化自动调度中心。调度中心系统硬件包括采场调度室单元、配套的中心控制单元和各总控数据服务、监控显示终端及服务器等。 调度中心系统软件包括数据库、服务器程序系统、通讯程序、智能化自动调度程序系统、智能识别系统、生产消息实时显示系统、报警处理系统、二维显示系统、电 子地图编辑系统、WEB查询报表及管理系统等。 The control center system is under the pit produces the information and the data gathering center, simultaneously also is produces the optimized computation the center and the production intellectualization automatic scheduling center.The control center system hardware including stope control room u [translate] 
a我们已经将所有的相关信息告知了警方 We all related informations have already informed the police [translate] 
aOk i was joking Song 好i是耍笑的歌曲 [translate] 
a有26个教室在我们学校里, Has 26 classrooms in our school, [translate] 
adrop their eyes down 下降他们眼睛下来 [translate] 
a这个周末你为什么不去徒步旅行呢 Why this weekend don't you go to the tramp [translate] 
a我的眼镜度数太低了,所以我看不清。 My eyeglasses number of degree too has lowered, therefore I cannot see clearly. [translate] 
ameter will switchoff 米意志switchoff [translate] 
asucrose 蔗糖 [translate] 
aオンリーハウス 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a我有时上课迟到 Sometimes I attend class am late [translate] 
aWhatever u give a woman,she will make greater.no matter better or worse 任何u授予妇女,她将做greater.no问题更好或更坏 [translate] 
a快递员扔货物 Express throws the cargo [translate] 
a然后日后对他的挑战却是不可避免的 Then to his challenge actually will be in the future inevitable [translate] 
aDoc Close Doc关闭 [translate] 
aMary每周去图书馆看两次书。 Mary each week goes to the library to read two books. [translate] 
a我们在10月30日搬家,需要用电梯,行吗? We move in October 30, needs to use the elevator? [translate] 
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!jim 来自美国。她的头发是黄色的。 Please input the text which you need to translate! jim comes from US.Her hair is decadent. [translate] 
ahow much time does it 多少时刻做它 [translate] 
a我是SONIA捡到了一块手表,联系电话是268-6368 I was SONIA pick a wristwatch, the telephone am 268-6368 [translate] 
athey think that forced to learn the professional which you are not interested in is painful. 他们认为被迫的那学会您不感兴趣是痛苦的专家。 [translate] 
a这个老板对员工非常苛刻 以至于有些人离开了公司 This boss was extremely harsh to the staff some people to leave the company [translate] 
a美女你是哪里人 Where person the beautiful woman are you [translate] 
a我有时候变得紧张 Sometimes I become anxious [translate] 
a听不懂英语 He cannot understand English [translate] 
a是我爷爷的 Is my grandfather [translate] 
a父母不应该对孩子太严格 The parents should not too be strict to the child [translate] 
atoo late to apologise 太后道歉 [translate] 
aI there such a low-level deep regret the error. I那里这样低级深刻的遗憾错误。 [translate] 
a今年的游客数量比去年多得多 This year tourist quantity were much more than last year [translate] 
a银行卡里的钱很可能在交易中被弄丢了 The bank Cary's money has very possibly been lost in the transaction [translate] 
a我买票时请留神看着我的包。(keep one's eyes on) I buy when the ticket please pay attention to look at my package.(keep one's eyes on) [translate] 
aI would like to play with my friends in the open air 我希望演奏与我朋友露天 [translate] 
a同时做三份兼职 Simultaneously makes three concurrent jobs [translate] 
a开发板上人机交互接口 Develops the panel man-machine interaction connection [translate] 
a他有领导才能 He has the leader to be able [translate] 
a学生们到达山顶有困难 The students arrive the summit to have the difficulty [translate] 
a自学游泳 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aAUFSCHRIFTSCHILD 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ai don't know the word.could you e()it to me 我不知道word.could您e ()它对我 [translate] 
a为了保持健康你最好少吃太油腻的食物 In order to maintain the health you to be supposed better little to eat too greasy food [translate] 
a广州是中国最大的城市之一 Guangzhou is one of Chinese biggest cities [translate] 
a天气变凉了,你要多穿衣服,注意身体 The weather changed has been cool, you had to put on clothes, paid attention to the body [translate] 
aAUFSCHRIFTSCHILD CB-PANEL LI 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ahe rushed out of the door and went to school 他冲了在门外面并且去学校 [translate] 
ablanking and piercing are shearing processes in which a punch and die are usd. 删去和刺穿剪拳打和模子是usd的过程。 [translate] 
a身材是一流的,虽然不施脂粉,但是却更能看出她素净的美丽。 mp9)-yRP4l 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
ain his last season with the shanghai sharks 在他的最后季节与上海鲨鱼 [translate] 
ai want to be a surgeon 我想要是外科医生 [translate] 
a如果老师公开学生的成绩,就会导致学生的自信心下降 If teacher public student's result, can cause student's self-confidence to drop [translate] 
aHmmmmm.Let's go to the silk shop. Hmmmmm.Let去丝绸商店。 [translate] 
ai want surgeon 外科医生 [translate] 
a我们花了四个星期的时间准备考试 it took us four weeks to prepare for the exam [translate] 
a小鸟被猎杀了 The bird has been hunted and killed [translate]