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Unless there's this shortcoming, Kate will be a very good athlete


If it hadn't been for this shortcoming, Kate is a very good player


If it hadn't been for this shortcoming, Kate is a very good player


If there is a flaw that Kate, it would be a quite good athletes


The were not will have this shortcoming, Kate will be a quite good athlete
a消防设施 请勿乱动 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
agrow and harvest 9 crops of golden potatoes to make 生长并且收获金黄土豆9片庄稼做 [translate] 
a苍凉 Desolate [translate] 
aVery busy? Why not talk about it 非常繁忙? 为什么不谈论它 [translate] 
aDon it take yourself too seriously 唐它作为太严重 [translate] 
aE-mail:lanxin@lanxinpack.com E- mail:lanxin@lanxinpack.com [translate] 
a听了很多好听的歌曲 Has listened to very many pleasant to hear songs [translate] 
aall things are required to be returned to the original condition at ghe time of a resident`s departure after using any facilities any rooms in BK international house 在BK国际房子里要求所有事以后返回到原始的情况在常驻`s离开的ghe时间使用所有设施任何房间 [translate] 
amakotovery hot! makotovery热! [translate] 
a我想你而且深深爱着你,但是我现在的情况很糟糕。 I think you moreover deeply to love you deeply, but I the situation is now very bad. [translate] 
a比较一下,再做决定 Compared with, makes the decision again [translate] 
aA word I love you, coaxing me good fun, good sad, 词我爱你,哄骗我好乐趣,好哀伤, [translate] 
aWhat if then do not you know Chinese 若您然后不知道汉语 [translate] 
a只在乎现在 Only cares about the present [translate] 
a情蛊 Sentiment kind of witchcraft [translate] 
aThe farmers could only eat rabbits,because rabbits ran all over their fields and rabbit meat is cheap. 农夫可能只吃兔子,因为兔子在他们的领域跑了,并且兔子肉是便宜的。 [translate] 
aIamsupermanalsocanprotectmyself Iamsupermanalsocanprotectmyself [translate] 
a我来自中国潮州 I come from the Chinese Chaozhou [translate] 
atraversed 横断 [translate] 
aHow did the Spanish treat the Native Americans 怎么做了西班牙语对待美国本地人 [translate] 
amove free advsnced starts comforting sore joints in less than 7 days and tis clinically tested 移动自由在少于7天advsnced安慰疼痛联接和tis的开始临床被测试 [translate] 
achoke clamping rear 夹紧后方的阻气 [translate] 
a塑料粒子 Plastic granule [translate] 
aI will talk to my bank to send an amendment to the wire transfer to see if they can delete the "payment for goods" so that the money can reach your account. Please send me your telephone number so that I can call you if needed. 我与我的银行将谈话寄发校正到电汇看他们是否可以删除“付款为物品”,以便金钱可能到达您的帐户。 请送我您的电话号码,以便我可以告诉您,如果需要。 [translate] 
amade myself clear 做自己清楚 [translate] 
aThe most painful distance, 最痛苦的距离, [translate] 
a技术开发部 Technical development division [translate] 
aThird Round 第三在周围 [translate] 
aI don't know 我不知道 [translate] 
a他们到日本去了 Went they to Japan [translate] 
aImportant Notices 重要通知 [translate] 
aIf you have the honest heart of Service customers, you have an ambition to be the champion, you love life and love of beauty, 如果您有服务顾客的诚实的心脏,您有志向是冠军,您爱秀丽生活和爱, [translate] 
aHumor was correctly interpreted as "to sincerely express their feelings, putting thought into laugh" 幽默正确地被解释了和“恳切地表现出他们的感觉,放想法入笑” [translate] 
a明天的天气将会怎样 How will tomorrow weather be able [translate] 
a按头 According to head [translate] 
aTherefore, he had to stay in the hospital for two weeks. So I think students should always walk but not run in the hallways. And the teachers had better keep one eye on the students after class and stop them from running. At last , I hope all the students should pay attention to their safety in school 所以,他在医院必须停留二个星期。 如此我认为学生在走廊应该总走,但没跑。 并且老师在学生有更好的保留一眼睛在类以后并且从跑停止他们。 在为时,我希望所有学生在学校应该注意他们的安全 [translate] 
aRMB5000 month. RMB5000月。 [translate] 
aAt the time of injury 在伤害之时 [translate] 
a看!它是我们的学校。这是教师办公室。它在第一层。那是电脑教室。它在第二层。那里是食堂。这里是······ Looked! It is our school.This is the teacher office.It in first.That is the computer classroom.It in second.There is a cafeteria.Here is · · · · · · [translate] 
a不记得有多久没写日志了! Did not remember how long had has not written the diary! [translate] 
a备倭都司府 Prepares dwarves all Si Fu [translate] 
aAt the time of you injury,you don't know how i feel bad 在您之时伤害,您不知道怎么我感觉坏 [translate] 
aCarpenter 木匠 [translate] 
a我叫李华,进入高中之后,我觉得学英语的方式和初中有很大的不同。 My name am Li Hua, after enters the high school, I thought study English way and the junior middle school have the very big difference. [translate] 
a今天来了一个新的学员,他的名字叫曹栗波。下课之后,我和汪周就带他到处逛。我们还在路边买了几串烧烤。我们把各自的电话记了下来,就回家去了。 Today has come a new student, his name is called Cao Libo.After finishes class, I and Wang Zhou lead him everywhere to stroll.We also bought several strings in the roadside to bake.We wrote down respective telephone, went home. [translate] 
aI’ll love you more than anyone I' ll love you more than anyone [translate] 
apaper_width,paper_height:real; paper_width, paper_height:real; [translate] 
a当他们扫地时,老师进来了 When they sweep the floor, teacher came in [translate] 
aeasy exit seat 容易的出口位子 [translate] 
aElite Couple 精华夫妇 [translate] 
a3-Normal Case remains open, review status for case closure for 个人用 3正常案件遗骸的开放,案件关闭的回顾状态为个人用 [translate] 
a纸制品机械设备机电设备及配件文化办公用品室内装潢货运代理等 The paper product mechanical device electromechanical device and in the fitting culture office supplies room decorates the freight transportation proxy and so on [translate] 
a甘肃省酒泉市西郊工业园区 Gansu Province Jiuquan city western suburbs industry garden area [translate] 
a要不是有这一缺点,凯特将是一个相当好的运动员 The were not will have this shortcoming, Kate will be a quite good athlete [translate]