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I just follow the way in the past, painting,


Just painted as ever,


I'm just drawing according to the usual way,


I only in accordance with the previous way, in the picture


I only am defer to the former way in the picture,
amainstream. 主流。 [translate] 
aTo be or not to be, that`s a question. 生存还是毁灭,那`s问题。 [translate] 
aMy world is not allow you to disappear, no matter the ending is perfect. 我的世界不是允许您消失,结尾是完善的没有问题。 [translate] 
a金典永不落伍 The golden standard never falls behind [translate] 
a这里有很多交通银行。地址都不一样。 Here has the very many Communications Bank.The address is all dissimilar. [translate] 
aclear drive map statistics 清楚的推进地图统计 [translate] 
a把未来推向黑暗 Will push to darkness the future [translate] 
a没关系,你忙吧,我也在忙着工作。很快要下班了。我们明天有时间再聊。认识你很高兴。我喜欢和你交流。祝你工作愉快。 Has not related, you busy, I also in busy work.Very soon got off work.We will have the time to chat again tomorrow.Knew you are very happy.I like with you exchanging.Wishes you to work happily. [translate] 
a我是一个女孩,我的名字叫做尹高歌 I am a girl, my name is called Yin to sing loudly [translate] 
a请奥巴马监督执行 Asks the Austria Pama inspector general to carry out [translate] 
aI want a beautiful and vibrant wife. I want a younger wife because i believe she can help me maintain a vitality for life and love. 我想要一个美丽和充满活力的妻子。 我想要一个更加年轻的妻子,因为我相信她可以帮助我维护生命力为生活和爱。 [translate] 
a第三张照片是他的 The third picture is his [translate] 
a从而对从马克思到毛主席再到邓小平同志发自内心的信服 Thus to from Marx to Chairman Mao again the belief which is from heart to Comrade Deng Xiaoping [translate] 
aMy mother is kind-hearted, father handsome and brother cute 我的母亲是亲切,父亲英俊和兄弟逗人喜爱 [translate] 
a为了我们的未来 For ours future [translate] 
a扩大了市场份额 Expanded the market share [translate] 
aThis 20,000-year 这20,000年 [translate] 
a他们到日本去了 Went they to Japan [translate] 
a5-HTTLPR and BDNF Val66Met polymorphisms moderate effects of stress on 5-HTTLPR和BDNF Val66Met多形性减轻重音的作用 [translate] 
aGlc, GalA and 18 大伦敦市议会,节目和18 [translate] 
a我在说你 I was saying you [translate] 
a各交流汇流排对地加2500V交流电压,无击穿飞弧现象,漏电流值 Each exchange bus adds the 2500V alternating voltage to the place, non-puncture arc over phenomenon, leakage flow value [translate] 
aI am wearing more clothes now~ I will become accustomed to it soon~ 我佩带我将习惯它soon~的更多衣裳now~ [translate] 
aPRY WONDER BAR 撬具奇迹酒吧 [translate] 
a建造这座桥工人们将花费一年多的时间 建造这座桥工人们将花费一年多的时间 [translate] 
a电影中阿甘的精神影响了很多人,改变很多人的结局:邓·泰勒上尉站起来了,巴布的妈妈过上了富裕的生活,长跑中相遇的两个人受益非浅变成有钱人……阿甘不是一个人,而是一种精神,一种追求真爱,追求生命的真实坦然。 In the movie the Arab League Gansu's spirit affected very many people, the change have been very many a human of result: Captain Deng · Taylor stood, Pakistan cloth mother on the wealthy life, in the long-distance race had met two people profited turn the rich man significantly ......Arab League Gan [translate] 
afast women 快速的妇女 [translate] 
a总是很怀旧总是很期待 隔江千万里 Always very much remembers past times always very much anticipated separates the river surely in [translate] 
a激 情 过 后 的 爱 情 ,只 剩 下 一 团 卫 生 纸 Fervor from now on love, will only be left over group toilet paper [translate] 
aChairman's unit of Special committee of the National Federation of home Decoration and Countries Ornaments Dealers Union 家庭装饰和国家的全国联盟的特别委员会主席的单位装饰经销商联合 [translate] 
atraversed 横断 [translate] 
adid she know that you were divorced before you dated her? 她是否知道您在您之前离婚了约会了她? [translate] 
aBie Ligrd Bie Ligrd [translate] 
apolished brass polished黄铜 [translate] 
a日本丝袜迷奸主妇 The Japanese silk stockings confuse the deceitful housewife [translate] 
aD: 这枚纪念章采用了高浮雕、镜面抛光、喷砂、彩色移印等铸币工艺,镜面平整,图案清晰。保你领到爱不释手。 D: This commemorative badge used the high relief, mirror surface polishing, the sand blasting colored, moved coined money crafts and so on India, the mirror surface is smooth, the design was clear.Guarantees you to receive is unable to put down. [translate] 
afighting a zai a zai 与zai战斗zai [translate] 
aNight of star 星夜 [translate] 
a你那里几点了? How many did you there select? [translate] 
aI just love and you chat in English I just love and you chat in English [translate] 
a不管事情怎么变化 How no matter the matter does change [translate] 
a车停下来你才可以下车 The vehicle stops down you only then to be possible to got out [translate] 
a누군가 필요했었죠 麻烦军队歌曲必要[hayss] [ess] [cyo] [translate] 
a通透的户型 Insightful household [translate] 
a哥只信耶稣 The elder brother only believes Jesus [translate] 
aNotfound Notfound [translate] 
a我和你们有关系吗,干嘛送给我? I and you have the relations, does gives me? [translate] 
aFigure 1 gives the block diagram of entire system and relationships between these modules. 图1给整个系统和关系结构图这些模块之间的。 [translate] 
amay i know your email ID 愿我知道您的电子邮件ID [translate] 
aThe Interior Decoration President's unit of Designer's Fraternity Association of Guangdong Hong Kong and Taiwan 设计师的广东香港和台湾的联谊会协会室内装璜总统的单位 [translate] 
a在那 In that [translate] 
a狮子是一种巨大,强壮而勇猛的动物 The lion is one kind of hugeness, strong and fierce animal [translate] 
asquare steelframe 方形的steelframe [translate] 
a我只是按照以往的方式在画, I only am defer to the former way in the picture, [translate]