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I hope one day I can understand what they want


I hope that one day I can understand what they want


I hope that one day I can understand what they want


I hope that one day I can understand what they want to do the


I hoped one day me to be possible to understand any matter want
a环境可以变得和谐 The environment may become harmonious [translate] 
a请尽快告知我野餐的时间和地点 Please as soon as possible inform my picnic the time and the place [translate] 
a她大约四十岁了 Her about 40 years old [translate] 
aadd irepo.us to cydia!get paid cydia apps free 增加irepo.us到cydia! 得到报酬cydia apps自由 [translate] 
aYour profile has been updated with your new match information. You can now receive automatic updates on people meeting your match requirements. 您的外形更新了以您新的比赛信息。 您在符合您的比赛要求的人能现在接受自动更新。 [translate] 
aI wish us all can go to the university that we dream of 我祝愿我们全部可以去我们作梦的大学 [translate] 
a迈克讲的课不但幽默而且很有趣 Mike says not only class humorous moreover very interesting [translate] 
a我听不懂中文 I cannot understand Chinese [translate] 
agot through 通过 [translate] 
aGood bye...... Mike 再见...... 麦克 [translate] 
a在假期我去奶奶家玩了 I went to paternal grandmother in the vacation the family to play [translate] 
aYOU Can't only can't do anymore 您能不可能再不仅做 [translate] 
a我喜欢听一些英语歌曲去放松自己 I like listening to some English song to relax oneself [translate] 
a你对我的温柔,仿佛还是昨天的事情。 You to my gentleness, as if yesterday matter. [translate] 
a径向 Radial direction [translate] 
aeasy exit seat 容易的出口位子 [translate] 
a大女儿是个明理懂事的年轻小姐 The big daughter is Miss Ming Li sensible young [translate] 
aPanfried Capelin Panfried毛鳞鱼 [translate] 
a它能提高我们的听力能力。 It can sharpen our hearing ability. [translate] 
aThis is the last you gave me a photo shoot, so we put everyone out of sight, dear, so extreme, so sentimental. 这是您给我一张照片写真的为时,因此我们视线之外投入了大家,亲爱,如此极端,很感伤。 [translate] 
a防止污染 Antipollution [translate] 
a各位,大家好。我们学校在2011年10月2日在学校二号教学三楼大厅举办了一次英语戏剧竞赛,20个学生代表公正地评判了每个参赛者自编自演的10场英语短剧。经评判,一等奖是高一四班,这极大地丰富了大家的课外生活,提高了大家的学习兴趣。 Everybody, everybody good.Our school has conducted an English play competition in October 2, 2011 in the school two teaching three building halls, 20 students represented have fairly judged each participant's self-written and directed 10 English short drama.After the judgment, the first award is the [translate] 
athemseives themseives [translate] 
athe phone number is 800-392-3582 电话号码是800-392-3582 [translate] 
ayet their appearances had been 75 to 76 years apart. 他们的出现是75到76年单独的。 [translate] 
ababy story ,your boy is sick 婴孩故事,您的男孩是病态的 [translate] 
amy sometime takes the subway home 我某时采取地铁家 [translate] 
aThe joyful ever gone to inconsiderable 快乐去不值得考虑 [translate] 
a最英俊的男孩 Most outstandingly talented boy [translate] 
a乔治趴在洗脸盆边呕吐 George lies prone nearby the washbasin vomits [translate] 
asuite3503,band of america tower.12harcourt road,central,hk suite3503,带美国tower.12harcourt路,交换, HK [translate] 
a福海 Fuhai [translate] 
a牵狗 Pulls the dog [translate] 
aReally likes a person is a painful matter 真正地喜欢人是一件痛苦的事情 [translate] 
ahe had once been outside 他曾经是外面 [translate] 
a你要清楚点的还是一般就可以了 You had to select clearly may generally [translate] 
aJar of hearts 瓶子心脏 [translate] 
a保管单据 Storage documentary evidence [translate] 
a我好挂住我只猪啊 几时先可以见到啊 When do I good hang my only pig first to be possible to see [translate] 
a鸟阁 Bird Chinese style pavilion [translate] 
athen stick stick with your pens 然后棍子棍子与您的笔 [translate] 
a我叫罗中玉,今年12岁,是个女孩。学习一般,长得还行。 My name am Luo Zhongyu, this year 12 years old, are a girl.Studies general, also is long good. [translate] 
abed guy 床人 [translate] 
a我快被你弄疯了 I am made quickly by you am insane [translate] 
athere is not enou administrator 没有enou管理员 [translate] 
aback evry time 后面evry时间 [translate] 
a主要有科罗拉多河、哥伦比亚河、育空河等。北美洲中东部的大湖群——五大湖。包括苏必利尔湖、密歇根湖、休伦湖、伊利湖和安大略湖,属冰川湖,总面积24.5万平方公里,为世界最大的淡水水域,素有“北美地中海”之称,其中密歇根湖属美国,其余4湖为美国和加拿大共有。苏必利尔湖为世界最大的淡水湖,面积在世界湖泊中仅次于里海而居世界第二位。五大湖湖水汇入圣劳伦斯河,流入大西洋。 Mainly has the Colorado river, the Colombian river, nurtures the spatial river and so on.In North America eastern part great lake group - - five great lakes.Including the Superior lake, the Michigan lake, the lake huron, Lake Erie and lake ontario, are the glacial lake, the total area 245,000 square [translate] 
aIamsupermanalsocanprotectmyself Iamsupermanalsocanprotectmyself [translate] 
a我希望有一天我可以明白什么是自己想要的 I hoped one day me to be possible to understand any is oneself wants [translate] 
aAnna Aj. By Leonardo - Nileous - Exclusively on MetArt - See Over 2,558 Stunning Models 安娜Aj。 由Leonardo - Nileous -完全在MetArt -看见2,558个惊人的模型 [translate] 
aportable across different database systems. 便携式横跨不同的数据库系统。 [translate] 
a根据食品储藏要求建立不同种类的仓库,并配有相应的设备和标签 According to the food storage request establishment different type warehouse, and has the corresponding equipment and the label [translate] 
a二者相关关系的研究,及词汇在阅读中的重要性。在二者关系的研究中,大部分集中在阅读来习得词汇,只是很少的研究涉及怎么在阅读中用些英语词汇记忆法快速的记单词。 The two correlational dependence research, and glossary in reading importance.In the two relations research, the majority of centralisms practice in reading result in the glossary, how only is the very few research involves fast records the word in reading with the English glossary mnemonic system. [translate] 
a我希望有一天我可以明白什么事自己想要的 I hoped one day me to be possible to understand any matter want [translate]