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Many places like Beijing Hong Kong


Like many parts of the people of Hong Kong to Beijing


Like many parts of the people of Hong Kong to Beijing


Hong Kong people in many places like Beijing


Hong Kong person very many places look like Beijing
aHRC  HRC [translate] 
a我哥哥比我大四岁。小时候,哥哥总会带我一起玩。在他的保护下,度过了一个快乐的童年。 My brother is bigger than four years old me.In childhood, elder brother would to lead me to play together.Under his protection, passed a joyful childhood. [translate] 
a我发现屋子有人闯入过了 I discovered room some people have intruded [translate] 
a北京有春夏秋冬四个季节 Beijing has the spring, summer, fall, and winter four seasons [translate] 
aТаможенное оформление завершено 风俗公式化完成 [translate] 
aPlease don't believe the gemini of 不要相信双子星座 [translate] 
a你可以睡一会儿午觉 You may rest a while afternoon nap [translate] 
a为情所伤 Injuries for the sentiment [translate] 
aIce COOl 冰凉快 [translate] 
a幸福的掌上老虎 On happy palm tiger [translate] 
athey keep me thinking that we almost had it all 他们继续我认为我们几乎有它全部 [translate] 
aif you are pergnant,nursing,taking any medications or planning any medical 如果您pergnant,护理,采取任何疗程或计划其中任一医疗 [translate] 
aI have been used to things which I am not supposed to 我用于我不应该的事 [translate] 
a期待做某事 Anticipated makes something [translate] 
a无话可说? Is speechless? [translate] 
a双曲中间段截面 In hyperbolic compartment section [translate] 
a山外有山,人外有人。 Outside the mountain has the mountain, outside the human has the human. [translate] 
a容易误会,而且时间紧急,不能说太久 Easy to misunderstand, moreover the time is urgent, cannot say too for a long time [translate] 
aI was having a nap when suddenly the telephone rang. 当电话突然敲响了,我有休息。 [translate] 
aKnowing that A and that the system rotates at a constant rate,determine the reactions at A and D.Assume that the bearing at A does not exert any axial thrust and neglect the weights of the spools and axle 知道那A和系统转动以恒定的率,确定反应在A和D.Assume轴承在A不施加任何轴向推力并且不忽略短管轴和轨的重量 [translate] 
aDo you occupy 做您 占领 [translate] 
amain digital display 主要数字显示 [translate] 
awhen you read a passge in english 当您读了一passge用英语 [translate] 
aSince the difference in heart regret, that when absolutely Acacia? Lean on a railing sleeve brush Yanghwa snow! 从在心脏遗憾上的区别,那,当绝对金合欢? 倾斜在栏杆袖子刷子Yanghwa雪! [translate] 
aother times chat and discuss problems , sahre views 其他次聊天并且谈论问题, sahre视图 [translate] 
aBring your student ID to check in. Group photographs will be taken and a gift will be presented to each recipient at the end of the program. If you have not had your individual photograph taken, please come by Cherry 2612 ASAP! 带来您的学生ID检查in。 小组照片将拍摄,并且礼物将被提出对每个接收者在结尾的节目。 如果您未安排您的单独照片拍摄,尽快请获得Cherry 2612! [translate] 
awe chatted this morning around 3am 我们在3am附近今晨聊天了 [translate] 
ait goes on. 它继续。 [translate] 
aget extra levels an skill points,or unlock all game modes 得到额外水平技巧点或者打开所有游戏方式 [translate] 
aI want their money 我想要他们 金钱 [translate] 
athere is no point of trying to persuade him to do anything 没有点设法说服他做任何东西 [translate] 
aThe pine nuts 松果 [translate] 
a如果还有其他的问题,我们会及时的和你联系 If also has other questions, we can prompt and you relate [translate] 
aboxwood 黄杨木潜叶虫 [translate] 
amy sister has abeautiful hair bands 我的姐妹有abeautiful头发带 [translate] 
aSoms lijkt het alsof je baby de hele dag wil drinken. Deze dagen noemen we ‘regeldagen’. Ze komen meestal voor rond de tiende dag, met zes weken en rond de drie maanden. Als je steeds aan dit verzoek voldoet, ga je vanzelf meer moedermelk produceren. Je kunt dan last krijgen van ‘stuwing’: zware, gespannen borsten. 有时它似乎,好象您的婴孩想要饮料完全天。 那些日子电话我们`命令日。 他们一般来在第十天附近,以六个星期和在三个月附近。 如果您总依从这个请求,您将自动地生产更多母亲牛奶。 您能然后得到`充电被推: 重,被舒展的乳房。 [translate] 
athere is a map and some pictures on the wall there is a map and some pictures on the wall [translate] 
aand that encourage the use of clean,renewable solar and wind technology. 并且那鼓励对干净,可更新的太阳和风技术的用途。 [translate] 
aTo travel is to live 要移动是居住 [translate] 
a祝我生日快乐, Wishes my birthday to be joyful, [translate] 
a自今年夏初起,海尔公司(Haier)展开了空调促销的广告大战 From this year the beginning of summer, Haire company (Haier) has launched the air conditioning promotion advertisement war [translate] 
aError writing temporary file. Make sure your temp folder is valid. 写临时文件的错误。 确定您的临时雇员文件夹是合法的。 [translate] 
athe people from kong hong like beijing a lot 人民从kong洪喜欢北京很多 [translate] 
aStellar Background Images Min Per System 星背景图象极小每个系统 [translate] 
a香港人很像北京人 The Hong Kong person looks like the person from Beijing very much [translate] 
a我说中文是不是看不懂呀 I said Chinese cannot understand [translate] 
a一个人想让命运终止,停下来,驻足不前;是一个奢望,是更大的踌躇 A person wants to let the destiny terminate, stops down, does not settle down front; Is a wild hope, is a bigger hesitation [translate] 
a职场自我介绍 The work place introduces oneself [translate] 
a对....有好处 To….Has the advantage [translate] 
a我电脑坏了,今天刚修好,不好意思,我明天就去学校了,不能陪你玩了> My computer had gone bad, today just fixed, embarrassed, I will go to the school tomorrow, could not accompany you to play > [translate] 
a有一些因素是和能力相关的 Has some factors is and ability correlation [translate] 
a和《电子情书》的主题很像,《西雅图夜未眠》也在试图表达爱情的真谛。 With "Electronic Love letter" the subject looks like very much, "a Seattle Night of Dormancy" also has not been attempting to express love the true meaning. [translate] 
ayou been on holiday 在度假是的您 [translate] 
a香港人很多地方像北京 Hong Kong person very many places look like Beijing [translate]