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More than 21 years old


Above 21 years old
atrust me, you'll never be crazy for it 不要信任我,您为它将是疯狂的 [translate] 
awhat s your favorite program 什么s您喜爱的节目 [translate] 
aespresso 表达 [translate] 
aa flower 一朵花 [translate] 
a诚实就像太阳,带给我们光明。 Looks like the sun honestly, takes to us to be bright. [translate] 
aread the story of midas ,be ready to discuss it on tuesday next week independent deading book 读midas故事,准备谈论它在星期二下个星期独立deading的书 [translate] 
atraversed 横断 [translate] 
aZelyonoborskaya School Gymnasium Zelyonoborskaya学校健身房 [translate] 
a迄今为止,中国翻译界讨论翻译美学的专著并不多,其中,在1992年,Xi Yongji著有Comparative Aesthetics On Literature Translation ,提出了一个长期以来为我们所有意无意地忽略了的一个比较文学研究的重要问题,即翻译的媒介问题。 Until now, the Chinese translation discussion translation esthetics monograph are not many, among, in 1992, Xi Yongji was having Comparative Aesthetics On Literature Translation, proposed since long ago has neglected unintentionally for us a comparative literature research important question, namely [translate] 
a那抹烟波蓝 That wipes the smoke wave blue [translate] 
a主看附件 The host reads the appendix [translate] 
ajustnow 刚才 [translate] 
a领带 Tie [translate] 
ayes very 是非常 [translate] 
a它比我以前的学校大的多,并且中有许多树木 It compared to I beforehand school big many, and has many trees [translate] 
a他能区分她是英国人还是美国人 He can differentiate her is the English or the American [translate] 
a有大屏幕的电脑 Has the large screen computer [translate] 
aPasswords must be at least 8 characters but no more than 32, contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters 密码必须是至少8个字符,但没有比32,包含大写和小写字母、数字和特性 [translate] 
a听了很多好听的歌曲 Has listened to very many pleasant to hear songs [translate] 
a可是,你的脾气 But, your temperament [translate] 
agang activity in the region 纯粹相当数量黑帮活动在这个区域 [translate] 
ado you wake up 您醒 [translate] 
aShe informs me of sweep clear the class and grade 她通知我打扫明白类和等级 [translate] 
aHe didn't want to embarrass her by asking questions He didn't want to embarrass her by asking questions [translate] 
aI'll write to you as soon as I get there 当我到那里,我给您将写 [translate] 
athis pattern feels rather mystical 这个样式感到相当神秘 [translate] 
a我在等待我最爱的人 I was waiting for I most love human [translate] 
aLEVER RELEASED 被发布的杠杆 [translate] 
a三千年前 Before three millenniums [translate] 
aGrammar Focus 语法焦点 [translate] 
a把未来推向黑暗 Will push to darkness the future [translate] 
a一生一世只爱你 The entire life only loves you [translate] 
aIn 1986 I was admitted by University of International Business and Economics(or:UIBE)to pursue a bachelor degree in Economics.My major is accounting in Department of International Business Management.The undergraduate education gave me a wide range of vision and taught me how to cooperate with others.I developed severa 1986年我由国际事务和经济University录取(或:)追求一个学士学位的UIBE在Economics.My少校在教育给我大范围视觉并且教我如何与其他合作国际企业Management.The大学生的部门认为。我在会计、财务和国际贸易开发了几专业兴趣 [translate] 
a我父母在那里照相 My parents in there photography [translate] 
a我要做一个快乐的人 I must be a happy camper [translate] 
aTom去看了冰雕 Tom looked at the ice sculpture [translate] 
aNothing,by itself,is real or absolute according to the theory of relativity. 什么都,单独,不是真正或绝对根据相对论。 [translate] 
acareers in IT presents job descriptions,employment demands,educational requirements,salary ranges,and advancement opportunities 事业在它提出工作说明、就业要求、教育要求、薪水范围和推进机会 [translate] 
agod is a girl,知道吗,god,忽视一个人和躲避一个人的痛苦吗 il dio è una ragazza, sa, dio, trascura una persona ed evita il dolore della persona [translate] 
athe driver had often seen her travelling on the bus befor,and he noticed that she was feeling unhappy. 司机经常看见她旅行在公共汽车befor,并且他注意她感到怏怏不乐。 [translate] 
a那里的风景很漂亮 There scenery is very attractive [translate] 
aMy name is 困困的太阳, and I graduated from XXX school. I hope I will be enrolled in your high school. As what I knew, your school has great reputation in the city. The quality of education is your first concern. Students study in the school usually will be taken care very well by your highly responsibal staff.Therefore, I 我的名字是困困的太阳,并且我从XXX学校毕业了。 我希望我在您的高中将注册。 因为什么我知道,您的学校有伟大的名誉在城市。 教育的质量是您的第一关心。 学生在学校学习将由您的高度responsibal职员很好通常保重。所以,我在教室在您的学校欲坐。 [translate] 
athe bulk of the code in this part are println statements 代码的大多数在这部分是println声明 [translate] 
a我独自生活 I alone live [translate] 
a昨天回了奶奶家 Yesterday has gone paternal grandmother home [translate] 
a导致的结果 Causes result [translate] 
a浏览大连风光名胜 Glances over the Dalian sight scenic spot [translate] 
a我们在英语测试 We in English test [translate] 
ai assure i can hear your voice 我保证我能听见您的声音 [translate] 
a有一天我们一起出去玩 Day we exit to play together [translate] 
a我想要quite a lot的衣服 I want quite a lot the clothes [translate] 
a这个星期的第一天,我必须去学校,因为七月一日是老师公布考试成绩的日子。 This week first day, I must go to the school, because July 1 is teacher announces test result the day. [translate] 
aHe's onr new principal.His name is Liu Guoqiang 他是onr新的校长。他的名字是刘Guoqiang [translate] 
aIn fact, we are all the same,So can depend on us to change 实际上,我们完会一样,因此可以依靠我们改变 [translate] 
a21岁以上 Above 21 years old [translate]