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If you can listen to my words, then you will get good results soon


If you can listen to my words, then soon you will get good results


If you can listen to my words, then soon you will get good results


If you are able to obey me, then you will have good results soon


If you can obey my, then you can obtain the result soon
a呵呵。鬼话 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
a今天需要清理样板房,请大家准时参加。 Today needs to clean up the model room, asks everybody to participate punctually. [translate] 
a窗外一定有人在唱歌 Outside the window some people are certainly singing [translate] 
aТолько что закончил еды 它最近完成了食物 [translate] 
a校园治安问题关系到学生的切身利益,如果安全工作做得不到位,就会发生如盗窃事件,打群架事件,等等一些会对学生利益造成一定损失的事件,严重的还会给学生造成心里阴影或者是一些无法挽回的惨剧。最终也会影响到学校的声誉问题。 The campus public security question relates student's vital interest, if the trouble-free service does does not arrive, can have like the burglary event, fights in groups the event, and so on some can cause certain losses to the student benefit the event, serious also can create the tragedy to the s [translate] 
a松的 Loose [translate] 
athe most effe 多数effe [translate] 
a一天已经过去 One day already passed by [translate] 
a我对这个想么非常感兴趣 I thought to this is interested extremely [translate] 
a好吧,你先忙,回聊 Good, you are first busy, return chat [translate] 
a我在电脑上找的英文给你的信息 其实我不懂 不过我很想学习 I English which looks on the computer for yours information I does not understand me very to want actually to study [translate] 
across from 十字架从 [translate] 
aIBM_HTTP_Server at Port 81 IBM_HTTP_Server在1.202.129.170口岸81 [translate] 
a我一定会一直想着你 I can certainly think you continuously [translate] 
a变频压缩机技术介绍 Frequency conversion compressor technology introduction [translate] 
a每天喝水对你有好处 Every day drinks water to you has the advantage [translate] 
a表姐想了解更多有关西方文化的事 The older female cousin wants to understand concerns the Western culture matter [translate] 
a新学员常常犯语法错误 New student often habitual criminal grammatical error [translate] 
a父母应该搞死孩子远离火 The parents should do the dead child to be far away the fire [translate] 
a太快在星期六的沙漏流只是因为严格控制 Flows on Saturday hour glass only is too quickly because controls strictly [translate] 
a进一步地讨论这位领导的绯闻 Further discusses this leader's scandal [translate] 
a谢谢你的祝福,我亲爱的朋友 Thanks your blessing, my dear friend [translate] 
a组织者 Organizer [translate] 
a一般, General, [translate] 
aintrouducing yourself is a good way to meet people introuducing是一个好方式遇见人 [translate] 
atalk to your teachers or parents about it they may help you a lot here are some tips for you to get through exams 谈话对您的老师或父母对此他们也许帮助您很多这有些技巧为了您能得到通过检查 [translate] 
a昨天晚上,我听见他叫丹姐姐! Yesterday evening, I heard his to name be Dan the elder sister! [translate] 
a他与学生的关系融洽, He and student's relations are harmonious, [translate] 
aIs it possible to be best friends even if you are thousands of miles apart? 是最好的朋友是否是可能的,即使您是数以万计分开英哩? [translate] 
asort of clicked 类点击 [translate] 
aPeter很喜欢打羽毛球 Peter likes playing the badminton very much [translate] 
aCaulis Perillae, Rhizoma Cyperi, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Fructus Aurantii, Shell of Areca Nut, Citron, Fingered Citron Caulis Perillae, Rhizoma Cyperi, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Fructus Aurantii,槟榔,香橼,手指的香橼壳 [translate] 
a小月,更加完美 29-day lunar month, more perfect [translate] 
a还有一个问题,你可以给我一张学校的安排表。谢谢你。 Also some question, you may give me a school the arrangement table.Thanks you. [translate] 
aSong Lirong forced fuck your mother 歌曲Lirong被强迫的交往您的母亲 [translate] 
atake more exercise 采取更多锻炼 [translate] 
aLook at the reading again. Which way of dealing with problems do you think is the best? Write about a time when you dealt with a problem that way. 再看读书。 应付问题您认为哪个方式是最佳? 写时候,当您应付了方式的问题。 [translate] 
a他经受太多的病痛、 He undergoes too many indispositions, [translate] 
ayan i can't waite to come to china to be with you( 严i不可能来的waite到瓷是以您( [translate] 
a成百万的 Million [translate] 
ai want to lay you down kiss away all your fears 我想要放置您下来亲吻所有您的恐惧 [translate] 
aas soon ao I enterthe door 作为很快ao I enterthe门 [translate] 
a很遗憾地听到hear Hears hear very regrettably [translate] 
aPretty style with an adorable giraffe. Our fashionable cardigan features her sweet giraffe friend appliquéd in cotton jersey with thread embroidery for the mane and tail. Soft sweater knit cotton design is finished with interlaced detail, front buttons and a ruffle hem 俏丽的样式与一头可爱的长颈鹿。 我们时兴的羊毛衫在棉花泽西以她的甜长颈鹿朋友appliquéd为特色与螺纹刺绣为鬃毛和尾巴。 软的毛线衣编织棉花设计完成与交错的细节、前面按钮和皱纹吊边 [translate] 
a森林里的运动会 In forest games [translate] 
a至于,就...而言 As for,…Says [translate] 
a深受年轻人喜爱,发展成全球性节日 Is liked deeply the young people, develops the global holiday [translate] 
aas soon as I enter the door 当我进入门 [translate] 
a我已经很久没上微薄了。大家中秋节快乐 I already very was long on have not been meager.Everybody Midautumn Festival is joyful [translate] 
acareer-oriented 重视事业 [translate] 
ai am really falling in love with you 我真正地爱上您 [translate] 
a他在重庆安家。 He settles down in Chongqing. [translate] 
aIf I walk would you run 如果我走会您跑 [translate] 
a对于我来说,学习弹钢琴是一件不容易的事情 Regarding me, the study ball piano is not an easy matter [translate] 
a太郁闷了 Too melancholy [translate] 
a如果你能听从我的话,那么不久你就会取得好成绩 If you can obey my, then you can obtain the result soon [translate]